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dxr2 device driver (a modified version of the original driver)

Because of reported problems with the original driver from i decided to try to fix that problems. Now (5.10.2001) theres a new version (dxr2.test4.tar.gz) of this driver

changes since dxr2.test3.tar.gz:

  • Changed SMP support due to errors on non-SMP systems (RedHat7.0). PLEASE!!! Test it! i couldn't test it...
  • Thanks to Gerald Henriksen we now have a very good script that gets the correct path of kernel sources (/usr/src/linux or /lib/modules/"kernelversion"/build)
  • the dxr2-headers are now installed into /usr/include/dxr2

This is TEST4. I think it compiles very well on most of the systems. if i wont get any reports, i will make this the "final version". It would espacially be interestig, if this driver only compiles on older systems, or if on older systems the original driver (from is better... But I have no old linux-distro installed.

dxr2 Xine Plugin (not working yet!!!)

If you would like to continue develop the dxr2-xine demuxer klick here to donwload the sources (attention: it is absolutely not workable!)
State: at the moment it compiles, but there are errors while loading the plugin, because he can't find some functions from X-Libraries... i couldn't fix this.

Who can use dxr2gui?

If you're an owner of a creative's ENCORE 5X dvd decoder card and you are usin LINUX you are maybe able to use this software

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What do I need else?

You HAVE to have the dxr2 device driver from installed correctly and the module must be insertet (/sbin/modprobe dxr2)



What's the aim of dxr2gui?

The aim of this software is to make it easy to watch a dvd. It helps you to change audio language, tvout format, subtitles, ... everything in the gui. you haven't to type any commands. It's is a little bit like the windows dvd player.

What's its state?

This Software has alpha state. Because it sets up on minidxr2 which has also alphastate.

What to do if I can't compile or run it?

There is a MAILINGLIST. Also don't hasitate to contact me: I'm very happy if you report you're problems/errors, because on my system everything is okay, but I don't know if it works on other systems.

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